Hi, this is the first post in this ‘new’ blog!

I’m moving my current blog from Medium to an static Web generator.

This blog is powered by gohugo.io, an interesting tool that converts Markdown text files to a whole static web site.

I’m thinking in use some CSS base like Tufte, but I’ve not decided yet. So you will see the default template Yinyang with slight modifications, please tell me if you like it.

Moving my blog to an cleaner and simple style (from the writer and reader perspective as well) is greatly influenced by A Website Manifesto stating that the way that the blogs were working for the last 15-20 years is getting not so great.

As a lot of people have said, Medium is not the great blogging platform it used to be. The same happened with Tumblr, that started as an incredible alternative and now it’s just a repository of images and strange content.

Altought Medium was a convenient (and free) bloging tool, I guess it’s time to enjoy a different workflow (more code based) and retouch writing ideas related with development, personal projects, some professional insights and some other great stuff to share.

Just to make a quick flashback about my writing past. 52 stories were published in Medium, from February 2015 to March 2019. Wow

And the Tumblr blog was written from July 2010 to Oct 2015

Well… As every time I start a new blog, I don’t know how often I could write, so let’s see what phrases are created here. As any communication platform, your feedback is great to find motivation and keep writing. See you soon.